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Monday, September 26, 2011


Like Pokémon? Hate turn-by-turn basis gameplay? Introducing the new PokéFighter, which revolutionarizes pokemon gameplay onto a whole new level. It encompasses the cuteness and storyline of Pokemon, but the gameplay is made much more fun with the concept of streetfighter. This way, gameplay is based on gamer's skill and ability, rather than level. This would stabilize the game, making it more fun than the classic turn by turn game on consoles.

Who We Cater to- Teenagers who like intensive gameplay which relies on skill and ability

Place- Singapore; then the world

How we promote it- We will be giving a 1 week free trial, which will allow you to have a taste of how this game is played and why you should invest a small fortune in our game. We will also be providing a few promotional posters to allow a few snapshots and descriptions of our game

Revolutionize- Like never before

Team members:

Darius Low
Neo Wei Hong
Marcus Au
Yeo Jun Jie

We are a team of 4, out to make a new revolutionary game which is not too boring and is better than the original!

Company Mission: To recreate games into something different, yet the same
Company vision: To find a way to recreate EVERY game out there now
Tagline: Like Never Before